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Many of us have found ourselves with a lot more time on your hands since social distancing has been put into effect. With so much extra time now is the perfect time to do those renovations you’ve been planning. We want to share 5 tips to live through renovations by Farmhouse Living.

This mother-daughter duo dives into their experience with renovations that have lasted 3 long months. A renovation that removed one of their key rooms, the kitchen. How to live in a space that is dusty, dirty, in a state of constant chaos, and with people you’re not familiar with walking around in and out regularly.

Create Safe Space During Your Renovation

When the state of your renovation assures that there is a constant mess in your house it Is easy to become unmotivated and plan to clean at the end of your renovation. The problem is that you’ll be adding to the chaos, which you’ll never be able to escape. As well, once those renovations are complete, you’ll have to move everything back into the newly renovated room, which takes time and energy. Do you really want to have to worry about moving AND cleaning the rest of your house?

One way to help you stay clutter-free is to rent a storage bin for all your items from your renovation room. This allows you to create a dedicated space for yourself instead of having to fit an additional room full of items throughout your useable living space.

Farmhouse Living’s advice: Make a dedicated safe space for yourself and create a sanctuary during long renovations. It’ll help ease the stress and anxiety of the situation.

Dedicate Meal Prep Area During Your Renovation

In an article published by Harvard Health Publishing website, a study has compared “traditional” diets such as Mediterranean and Japanese diets to a typical “Western” diet. The result showed the risk of depression was 25%-35% lower in people who are the traditional diets. Scientists state that this is due to the high amount of vegetables, fruits, seafood, and unprocessed grains with modest amounts of lean meats in dairy in traditional diets compared to the “western diet which is commonly higher in refined foods and sugars.

It goes without saying when you don’t have access to a kitchen you can’t eat out every day for months at a time. It will damage you physically and mentally, making you more irritable and tired.

Farmhouse Living’s advice: Set up a small space for meal prepping, even if it’s just a sandwich. Use your appliances like microwaves, hot plates, griddles, and crockpots. Anything that can be used in an alternate room. Get creative

Be Patient With Yourself During Your Renovation

Your renovation will probably take longer than expected. Unforeseen roadblocks can come up like construction mishaps, obtaining a permit, delayed deliveries, or even figuring out what you want to be done with space.

There is also the post-renovation transition when you have to clean and organize after moving all your stuff back into space. It’s a long process but practice grace and be patient with yourself. As the proverb goes: How do you eat an elephant? A little bit at a time.

Be Involved During Your Renovation

It can be intimidating while you’re living in construction. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you don’t know anything about plumbing, electrical, or anything technical. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s your house and it’s important to know what’s going on inside of it. Safety and longevity are key.

Enjoy The Process

You can either choose to be miserable in a messy, cluttered, chaos ridden living condition for weeks or months, or you can choose to have fun and be excited. Your mindset and your perspective can shift your environment and the process in a positive or a negative way. How you approach this situation is your choice.

If you want help easing this renovation, hire The Move Out Bin. We deliver a clean, weatherproof storage container to your chosen location. You can pack up the storage container however way you want and take all the time you need. From there you can either choose to leave it on your property until your renovation is complete or have it moved to our storage location. With our tilt-free moving option, your processions are sure to remain safe and damage-free. If you have questions or want to order a storage bin, give us a call at 519-566-3332.

Major renovations are difficult, especially if you are living in the space. If you practice the above tips it’ll help lean the experience into the one you can look back on fondly. There will be difficulties and stressors, but it’ll be worth it. Since the weather is nice outside hopefully you can open some windows and spend your free time outside enjoying the fresh air.