Since the end of March and April, we have all been spending more time in our homes. How have you spent the time? Have you deep cleaned like never before, completed projects that were left unattended or relaxed, and escaped in a good book or TV.

Now is the perfect time to complete some organization around your house. Let’s go over some ways to organize the various rooms and closets in your home using storage bins and other cost-effective options. Continue reading to find out how you can clean up that clutter under your sinks, in your cupboards, and clever space-saving solutions.

Kitchen Organization Solutions

Glass Food Storage Containers

Store and label food in your cupboards and pantry using glass storage containers. We suggest using square containers because they are roomier and stackable. Invest in these glass storage containers with bamboo lids for a sustainable, environmentally friendly option. Label each container using a chalkboard or whiteboard marker. Store dry goods you have to prepare like noodles, flours, rice, dry beans, and baking ingredients together. Group dry good snacks like cereals, oatmeal, nuts, crackers, and other quick-grab options on lower shelves. Canned and pre-packaged foods can be stored in open-top baskets for easy grabbing.


Undershelf baskets

Double your cupboard space by investing in under shelf storage baskets. This is a clever way to maximize your tall cupboards in an esthetically pleasing way. This is also an option for your pantry to store additional dry goods like granola bars or to store freezer bags, wraps, and foils.

Bathroom Organization Solutions

Under-sink Storage

Using plastic storage containers with lids is an excellent option since it allows you to easily work around your plumbing. Investing in clear containers (or taking the time to properly label them) pays off since you’ll be able to see what is stored inside each box.


Storage Shelving

If you have an open sink with plumbing, investing in two bamboo corner shelves may be the bathroom storage solution for you. Bamboo is perfect for any bathroom since it grows in a high humidity environment. Position them so that the sink plumbing will fit in between the two shelves for a clean, minimal feel.

Bedroom Storage Solutions

Under-bed storage

Make use of that empty space under your bed by storing your seasonal clothing and accessories, extra blankets, and bedding under it in short storage bin totes. They will protect your items from dust and dirt. Find plastic storage bins with hinged lids on them to make accessing your stored goods easy.

Closet Storage Solutions

Maximize your closet floor or shelf storage space wisely by investing in plastic totes with lids. This keeps your items safe from dust and dirt and makes locating specific items easy since you can see exactly what those bins contain.


Closet rod fabric shelves

Create your own closet shelving with closet rod compartment organizers. These work well in both closets and open closet racks. Perfect for storing extra sweaters, shoes, and accessories you don’t have room in your drawers for.

Kids Room Storage Solutions

Rolling carts

It’s tough to get your children to pick up after themselves. Making it as easy as possible is the key to a clean toy room. Invest in 3 drawer rolling carts. Print and tape pictures on each drawer of the toys that are supposed to go inside. This can turn cleaning into a learning opportunity for toddlers and instill great organizational habits for children.

These rolling carts are perfect for organizing your office, art supplies, and garage.


Over the door storage

Repurpose an over the door hanging shoe rack for stuffed animal storage. You can also store their shoes in them; who would have guessed. These also work perfectly well for art supplies, dolls, and toys.

You can also use over the door hooks and hang baskets or reusable cloth bags to store various items.

Organizing doesn’t have to be a chore, the internet is filled with clever ideas you can adjust to suit your home and organization needs. There are plenty of storage solutions for every room in your house, we only covered a few simple ones.

Storage container bins are versatile ways to organize any room or function your home needs. They are space-saving, stackable, and come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. How do you use storage containers in your home?