Rent Portable Storage Containers

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16 ft

Storage Container For Easy Moving
  • Storage at our facility N/C
  • Smooth insulated walls / weatherproof / anti-mold treated
  • Holds an average 2 bedroom home without appliances.




20 ft

Storage Container For Easy Moving
  • Storage at our facility N/C
  • Smooth insulated walls / weatherproof / anti-mold treated
  • Holds an average 3 bedroom home without appliances.





27″ x 18″ x 12.5″

rent tote container moving box
  • Durable
  • Stackable
  • Spacious

$3/MONTH *

*$3 for first month, $1 per additional month

Storage Container Sizing

Here are our storage container size suggestions based on an average number of rooms and square footage per typical Windsor-Essex home.


Easy Moving Solutions with Portable Storage Containers

Our portable storage containers are the perfect solution for all of your Windsor-Essex moving and storage needs. Our convenient moving containers allow you to pack away your unused belongings for storage at your location or off-site at our secure, storage depot. From the smallest personal items to the largest furniture, we have a storage unit to handle it all. Reclaim valuable real estate in your Windsor or Essex home or office with services from The Move Out Bin!

The Move Out Bin Portable Storage Containers for Moving

Portable Storage Containers

The Move Out Bin offers storage containers in two sizes and plastic moving boxes for simple moving and storage solutions.

Weather Resistant Portable Storage Container

Weatherproof Construction

Single piece welded steel roof and Doors are sealed with rubber weather stripping.

The Interior wood floor is sealed on both sides with a layer of waterproof fibre which also helps prevent movement of the product inside the container.


Rodent-free Exteriors and Interiors

Critters such as mice, cockroaches, and other rodents can wreak immeasurable damage on your valued packed items. Our storage containers provide an inhospitable environment for pesky critters. Once fully packed, our moving boxes are properly sealed for safekeeping and long-term storage.

Smooth, insulated portable storage container

Mold Resistant Treatment

Humidity is the enemy of stored goods. Our storage containers have been treated with an anti-mold application to keep dampness at bay.

Portable Container Solutions

Our storage containers and moving tote boxes can be delivered directly to your home. We specialize in making moving and storage convenient for you! Our Windsor-Essex customers rave about our moving and storage containers.

  • Made of durable construction
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Delivered immaculately clean

For long-term pricing for your Windsor or Essex move, contact our office at 519-566-3332. Our friendly office staff will be happy to take your call!

Move With Ease

If you’re planning a move or just need a place to store your stuff, The Move Out Bin can help!

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