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With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and being forced to self-isolate, this is an uncertain time for us all. There is so much concern in both the media and online.

But there is also so much positivity coming from this situation. The younger generations are coming together to assist the older generations who are at more risk, Front-line workers are experiencing deep appreciation from their community, we have heard of families coming back together to self isolate together.

The Move Out Bin is doing what it can to help ease the situation and maintain a sense of normalcy throughout this pandemic. We qualify under the Ontario Health and Wellness Service under section 8 as a move and delivery essential service as well as transportation for storage essential service under section 21 ii A.

We want to assure you that we are open and ready to serve you and your moving and storage needs throughout this time. We take health and safety seriously. We guarantee that all our storage containers, totes, and locks are properly disinfected before and after each use. Ordering your Storage Container with The Move Out Bin is a contact-free process, Our contracts are confirmed by email and we deliver and pick up our storage boxes without any contact from the customer.

Free Up More Space

You may have found yourself with a few extra people in your house since the COVID-19 pandemic was announced. If you are in tight quarters The Move Out Bin can help. With our easy contact-free order and delivery process you’ll have the storage containers delivered to your home, ready for packing in no time at all.

If you find cohabiting with your new roommates a difficult transition you can check out our blog post “5 Tips For Cohabitating With Your Post Grad” to see some of our tips and tricks.

Temporary Storage

If your residential home or business has extra furniture and supplies to store, turn to The Move Out Bin for help. We offer storage container delivery to your chosen Windsor, Essex address where you can pack up all your belongings at your leisure. Once completed we will pick up your storage container with our Tilt-Free delivery system that ensures your possessions will remain safe and secure throughout the moving process. You can either choose to deliver your temporary storage container to your new address or store it in our secure storage yard.

Times are uncertain for everyone; it is imperative that taking care of yourself needs to be your number one priority. Just remember, tough times don’t last but tough people do. We want to help where we can, so if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 519-566-3332.

We are wishing everyone in our Windsor, Essex community good health and to stay safe. Remember to wash your hands and remain in isolation until further notice. You will not only protect yourself but your community as well.