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As a retail owner it is important to supply your customers with what they want, or better yet, supply them with stuff they didn’t know they needed. Like this adorable sloth hanging planter I had to have.

According to, 65% of retailers plan to invest in new products.

Most of the retailers surveyed say they’ll invest in new product assortments, a good idea to attract customers to their stores.

I’m sure we can all agree that this is a great idea for a retail business, but what happens if you don’t have the floor space to accommodate new and exciting inventory? Nobody wants to see a local Windsor-Essex retailer go out of business because they couldn’t move product. If you’re not seeing your items flying off the shelves like it used to, then it may be time to review your inventory and spruce it up.

How the Move Out Bin can help:

On site, easy to use, retail storage

Having a storage container delivered to the location of your choice is easy! Simply give us a call and we’ll have a storage container delivered when you need it. We’ll place it exactly where you want it without harming your building, parking lot or landscaping.

Once delivered you can customize it to your needs. Stack your excess products on shelving units and you’ll have organized, convenient retail storage. You’ll have the freedom to turn around new merchandise so you can further invest in your local Windsor, Essex business.

Seasonal Storage for Retail Products and Decorations

First comes Valentine’s day, followed by St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Summer, Thanksgiving, Halloween and it all ends with Christmas. I’m sure you’ve figured out that your customers love a decorated store! For me, Halloween decor is sure to get me in the door.

Where do you store all your decorations?

A solution is to rent a Move Out Bin storage container. We’ll deliver it to your location; you pack it and leave it on property or we’ll pick it up and transport it to our location where you will always be welcome to visit.

When the summer months turn cold you have to put your patio furniture somewhere. Swap the outdoor furniture for the shovels and snow-blowers because winter is coming. Our Storage containers are perfect for storing any seasonal items.

Portable Work Stations

If you make your own products, but have outgrown your garage than we have the solution for you! Whether you make soaps, pottery (do we need to address the sloth hanging planter again?), jewelry or any other creative item that Windsor, Essex consumers love, you can be assured that it takes space to make.

If you have a storefront with limited space, not only will you need the space to showcase your merchandise, but you’ll also need the space to create it. That’s where we come in. Give us a call and we’ll deliver a storage container onto your property. Add a few extension cords, a work table or two, some lighting and you’ve got yourself a great work station that keeps you out of the elements and your store front free from the clutter and the mess.

Whether you need storage space for your seasonal decor, layaway items, maintenance equipment or a convenient work space The Move Out Bin has the storage solutions for you.

What’s our process?

To get started with your storage solution, give us a call at 519-566-3332. Our team of expert technicians will:

  • Deliver your storage container, giving you all the time you need to pack
  • Pick up the container and transport it to your new location or store it at our facility until you are ready for its delivery
  • We will pick up the empty container when you are done

The Move Out Bin offers their valued Windsor-Essex commercial/retail customers simplified moving and storage, guaranteed!