Attention First Time Movers

With this upcoming school semester fast approaching, you may find yourself in uncharted territory –
you are a first time mover. What are you supposed to do with all that large furniture? Your favourite
TV? You can’t possibly live without your bed… don’t worry The Move Out Bin is here to help you have
an easy moving experience.

First we will talk about what you should be coming with you in the move, what can be left in storage
and how you will get it there safely. Sit back and relax, you’re a student, you got this.

The Move Out Bin Student Checklist

To make this first move simple, we have broken it down into a foolproof 4 category system.

    1. Bedroom
      1. Mattress, Bed Frame, Box-spring
      2. Comforter, Blankets, Pillows
      3. Wardrobe, Clothes, Closet Storage System
      4. Desk, Lamp, Chair
      5. Additional Room Decorations
    2. Bathroom
      1. Toilet Paper, Personal Hygiene, Towels
      2. Bathroom Storage Containers, First Aid Kit
      3. Plunger, Trash Container, Bathroom Cleaning Supplies
      4. Laundry Hamper, Detergent, Softener
    3. Kitchen
      1. Dishes, Pots & Pans, Food Containers
      2. Cleaning Supplies, Rags, Towels
      3. Small Appliances, Cooking Utensils
      4. Dining Table, Chairs
    4. Living Area
      1. Couch, Small Table, Other Furniture
      2. TV, Entertainment System
      3. Plants, Lighting, Decorations

How Can The Move Out Bin Help?

Moving can be a lot of work, especially after considering that list we just mentioned. The first question
you have is how am I going to get it all there? That is where we come in. No matter where you are in
Windsor Essex County, our process will make your move simple.

We Drop Off Your Move Out Bin Portable Container

Give us a call and we will bring a storage container to your location in Windsor Essex County.

You Pack Your Move Out Bin Portable Container

Don’t worry about a deadline, pack your container as you see fit. No one wants to worry about
a deadline, get your storage container weeks before your moving date.

Store Your Move Out Bin Portable Container or Schedule Pickup

If you don’t have room to keep the container on your property, we have storage solutions for
you. If you do, schedule a date for The Move Out Bin team to come pick it up and bring it to your
new student home.

We Come When You Call

Once your done unpacking, The Move Out Bin will come pickup your empty storage container.

Just like that you are moved in. If you’re in the Windsor Essex County area, give The Move Out Bin a call
and you won’t have to worry about having the space you need for the move or transporting the goods

To all the first timers out there, easy moving!