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It’s a time for celebration when your child graduates’ post-secondary school. They have accomplished so much and you are proud of all their hard work which finally paid off.

The downside? Your post-grad child has expressed a desire to move back home, which is very common in this day and age. According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, 33% of 25-29 year old’s lived with their parents or grandparents in 2016. This is almost three times as many as in 1970.

The Moving Process

First, you have to work out how they will move all their possessions back home. How much furniture do they have? Do you have the space to store it all while they are living in your home? Do you have the means to transport their possessions from their previous place of residence to your home?

Well, luckily you have a few options when it comes to solving these issues. You can work together with your post-grad and rent a moving truck and if you don’t have the space to store it all in your home, you or your child can rent a self-storage container to house all their possessions until they’re ready to move out on their own.

If you are in Ontario’s Windsor Essex region, The Move Out Bin can help by simplifying this process. Give us a call and we’ll drop one of our moving containers at your desired location for easy access to load up all your child’s possessions. Once fully loaded, call us again and we’ll pick it up. Thanks to our tilt-free delivery system you don’t have to worry about any items falling and breaking. We then deliver it to your Windsor Essex home where you can unload it at your leisure, store it on your property or we’ll store it at our storage location where it will be available to visit with an easy call.

If this sounds like a great solution to you, get an instant quote, or give us a call at 519-566-3332.

Setting Ground Rules

You now live with a full-grown adult. The rules from when your child was a teenager or student no longer applies. On that same note, you have been enjoying having a clean, quiet house, and a schedule that is all your own. There will be a learning period, but it is also important that everyone is on the same page.

Open a discussion where you can both talk about your expectations with the living situation. Do you expect them to pitch in with some of the cleaning or cooking? Are their errands you expect them to do like grocery shopping or driving grandma to an appointment? Do you expect them to let you know when they are coming and going?

From their side what do they expect from you? Do they want to sit down and eat dinner with you every night? Do they have a significant other and what are their plans for bringing them around your house?

So long as the conversation is open and honest on both ends, you’ll be able to create a fair set of ground rules. Some parents find it useful to have them in writing to assure that they are followed by both parties.

Time To Find A Job

It is important to keep your post-grad motivated. Is it expected they find a job? Even if it’s not their dream job, obtaining a part-time job and establishing some responsibility is still very important. Perhaps it’s not the field they want to work in forever, but this opens up their path to new and unexpected opportunities they may have not been exposed to otherwise.

If they have a part-time or are still job hunting you should both come to a scheduled agreement. Dedicate a certain number of hours to job hunting, staying active, chores, cooking, and seeing friends. It will keep your post-grad motivated and keep them from feeling dejected.

Let’s Talk Money

Unfortunately, school does little to prepare students for balancing financial success as an adult. This is real life now, which comes with responsibilities. Have a conversation with your post-grad about money expectations and goals.

Do you expect them to pitch in with food and rent? This will help them feel like they are earning their keep instead of being free-loaders. Let them know if you are still willing to pay for their phone bill or leave them under your insurance. However, you choose to approach money, make sure you keep them accountable.

What some parents choose to do is have their post-grad pay rent and then they place that rent in a savings account for when they move out.

Setting financial goals is extremely important to help your post-grad understand how to balance financial responsibilities. Sit down and create a budget with them. Do you want them to save money? Create milestones for them with monetary savings or paying down debts. Then when they reach those milestones celebrate them!

Set a Move-Out Date

It is important that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Setting a move out date or a move out goal is a great way to continue to motivate your post-grad. Is it when they obtain a full-time job? Is it when they save enough money for a down payment? Whatever you both agree on, have it in writing as a friendly reminder and motivator.

If you leave room for open communication on both ends, cohabiting with your post-grad will help to ease the growing pains. Sure, there will be times when you just want your house to yourself, but enjoy the small things that you wouldn’t have if your post-grad wasn’t living at home. Enjoy the meaningful conversations as you cook a meal together or watching a sports game with them. Because remember, it’s only a temporary situation.