You are on the market to purchase a new home. You’ve walked through many open houses, enjoying the well-lit rooms that are tastefully decorated. The house feels inviting and well maintained, making it easy to picture your family living comfortably in the space.

How is this effect created so effortlessly? Realtors have a trick up their sleeve called “staging” a house. They add or remove items to help the house feel more inviting and comfortable, which in turn allows you to easily envision your future life in the home.

We will share with you our top 10 tips for staging a home so you can achieve your own open house look and feel. Learn our strategy to help you maximize your potential profit when selling your home.


If you have bright accent walls or old, weathered looking paint, we suggest updating your rooms with a fresh coat of neutral coloured paint. Light neutral wall colours help your home feel larger and inviting.

We suggest using a flat sheen for your interior walls. This coat of paint is more forgiving and hides many imperfections on the walls. For a room with a high moisture environment like the kitchen and the bathroom we suggest using a paint with more sheen to help protect your walls.


Now is the time to add your pop’s of colour. We suggest having fun with it and to consider the use of each room and who may be using it. For instance, an office space could be used by both men and women. We suggest using more gender-neutral accessories. Add texture to a room using pillows and blankets.

Use area rugs to create vignettes to help separate spaces in open concept rooms. If the dining room and the living room aren’t separated, add an area rug that can fit the entire dining room table on top to create its own dedicated space.

However, you want to take care not to clutter your floors with rugs. If an area rug is too small to fit all your furniture it will make the room feel small. If you have beautiful hardwood floors, you don’t want to cover them up, that’s a selling feature!



sell your house - de-clutter




Consider the placement of your art when you are staging a room. Ideally it should be in the sight line upon entering a room. Give thought to the scale of the piece. You want all your artwork to fit proportionally in its dedicated space, making sure not to put up a piece that is too small or too large for the wall. If you have many smaller pieces consider creating a collage.


Mirrors are an easy way to add natural light to a room. They also add depth by creating the illusion that there is more space in the room. Consider your mirror placement and what will be in the reflection. If a window is reflected, not only will it add brightness to the room, but it will also showcase the outdoors.



strategically place mirrors to be in your line of sight




Swap your old towels for fresh clean white towels to add a spa like atmosphere. Fluffy white towels feel luxurious, look crisp and clean and add a well-maintained feel to your bathroom.



selling your home - use fluffy white towels to give a spa like feel




Lighting can change the ambiance of a space. You can make a room feel cozy and comfortable or large and airy just by adding a few more lighting features. Inject more light when you can by using floor lamps and table lamps.

Consider the lightbulb in your fixtures. If you are looking for a brighter, larger feel use bright white light bulbs to imitate natural light. In the bedroom you can cozy it up by adding soft light but make sure it’s not too dim.


If you have a room that is dedicated to workout space or storage, consider updating it into an office space or a guest bedroom. Potential buyers like to know they have maximum usage of each room.

To create a guest bedroom, place an air mattress on top of milk crates, boxes or on a cheap frame. Buy a bed skirt to hide them, two night stands, lamps, a colourful bedspread and pillows. Make it bright and inviting.

A big mistake is to display a naked duvet on the beds. It does not look good, so instead add some coziness with a duvet or coverlet on top.

#3 – CLEAN

A clean home is a loved home. Potential buyers want to know that you take pride in your home, which leads to the house being well maintained. It shows that there will be less for the new home owner to fix or renovate.



sell  your home - add lighting to make the space more inviting




When a potential home buyer walks into a house, you want them to envision themselves living in the space. This will make it hard to accomplish if there are pictures and memorabilia of your family on display. When selling a home, make it neutral by removing personal items.


It is important that every item in your home while your staging it, serves its maximum function. Remove extra items from your countertops, especially utensils, paper towels, appliances and the kettle. Clear off the space on top of your cupboards. By keeping this space clear it helps your kitchen feel taller because there is nothing stopping your eyes from moving to the ceiling.

If you have furniture that is taking up space consider renting a storage unit. It’s an added cost but it will greatly aid to maximize the potential profit of your home by making it feel bigger and more inviting. You can trust The Move Out Bin to help you with your decluttering needs. We’ll deliver a shipping container to you; you pack it up and we’ll move it to our storage facility where you can visit it any time.



sell your home - remove clutter from your kitchen



What’s our process?

To get started with your storage solution, give us a call at 519-566-3332. Our team of expert technicians will:

  • Deliver your storage container, giving you all the time you need to pack
  • Pick up the container and transport it to your new location or store it at our facility until you are ready for its delivery
  • We will pick up the empty container when you are done

The Move Out Bin offers their valued Windsor-Essex commercial/retail customers simplified moving and storage, guaranteed!

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