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Storage Solutions for the Windsor-Essex region

At The Move Out Bin, we believe the best partnerships are relationship-driven. The hotel and food service industry faces countless storage challenges. We listen intently to provide practical, customized solutions sure to meet the needs of your Windsor-Essex hotel or restaurant!

Storage Solutions for Your Seasonal Items

As a hotel or restaurant owner in the Windsor-Essex County region, you know that no Ontario winter is complete without sub-zero temperatures and snow. That patio seating that was the preferred locale for your Windsor customers in the summer is left empty when October comes along. Protect your outdoor patio with our off-site storage solutions. We recognize that space comes at a premium when you own and operate a restaurant or hotel. Let us store it for you at our secure storage depot. When spring rolls around and you need it back; one quick call and our team will deliver your patio furniture directly to your door!

Storage Boxes for your Banquet and Catering Items

If your Windsor-Essex hotel or restaurant does any catering, you know you’ve got a lot of stuff to inventory, store, and account for. You don’t do 200 person dinners every day, so you don’t need access to all of that equipment in your restaurant on a daily basis. Our Storage bins provide the convenience of being able to easily access those items when they are needed.

We offer the perfect solution to catering equipment and banquet dishes, glasses, flatware, linens, and more. Our convenient storage boxes are available in three different sizes and can be customized in colour and style to match your business. Easy to access, our on-site storage containers provide you with your kitchen essentials right in your backyard. Free up the real estate in your kitchen.

Our storage solution guarantee for the hotel and food service industry:

  • Clean, ready-for-use storage boxes equipped with rodent-proof interiors and exteriors
  • Prompt response time to your call
  • Access to your own personal support technician
  • Budget-friendly prices

The Move Out Bin is the leading moving and storage company proudly serving the hotels and restaurants of the Windsor-Essex region. Call us now at 519-566-3332 to find out more about the difference we can make with your hotel or food service industry business!

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