Construction Storage Containers on Your Job Site

It takes a lot of expensive equipment and materials to complete a construction job. Hauling them back and forth from your Windsor-Essex construction site will increase your labour costs. As the owner of a commercial construction business, it’s a waste of your skilled worker’s time and your money to pay them to haul tools and materials in and out of vehicles every day. Store bulky, heavy items like lumber, commercial siding, and tiles conveniently on your job site.

We offer secure storage units as a solution for your job site storage needs.

We will deliver your storage container directly to your Windsor or Essex-County job site, enabling you to:

  • House your equipment, tools, and building materials safely
  • Provide weather and theft protection
  • Store all of your office supplies, equipment, and extra building materials in one central, easy to access location

Our construction storage solutions offer your Windsor or Essex business:

Construction Site Organization

Having one central location to store all of your materials makes your job easier. Our budget-friendly construction storage containers will save you money! With all of your equipment and supplies securely stored in one organized on-site location, your productivity will remain on target.

Prompt Response Times and Timely Deliveries

We recognize that time is money. To ensure our deliveries correspond precisely to your needs you are guaranteed service from our company. We do not outsource to other similar businesses. We believe in developing solid relationships with each of our clients which includes being there, on time, every time we are needed.

Competitive Pricing

We understand that you don’t have unlimited resources to devote to storage for your construction site. That’s why our prices are competitive and budget-friendly. Your monthly fee is backed by exceptional service. As a company dedicated only to simplified moving and storage, we are singular in focus, ensuring we are there when you need us.

Clean, Ready-for-use Storage Containers

Our Storage containers are delivered clean and ready for packing and organizing. All of our Storage Units are subject to our stringent cleaning and quality control processes prior to being approved for delivery. You will find our storage boxes look good inside and out to represent your Windsor-Essex construction business properly. They’re weather resistant and rodent-proof, ensuring your contents remain dry, clean, and secure one hundred percent of the time.

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