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Everyone comes into a situation where you can benefit from having extra storage space. It may be out of budget or not appropriate to upgrade your home, office space, or retail space. When met with this situation it may seem like you are out of options, but we can assure you, you are not.

Investing in portable storage might be the perfect solution for you. It’s affordable, temporary, and well protected. If you work with a reputable company you can be assured that you are investing in portable storage containers that are weatherproof, rodent-proof and cleaned thoroughly.

Here are 5 benefits of using portable storage and why it is worth the investment.

Store Items While Staging Your Home

Whether you have teamed up with a realtor or are looking to conduct a private sale, every home on the market can benefit from a little staging. There is no place to hide your extra belongings when showcasing your home, potential buyers will walk through every part and you may not want them seeing all your clutter.

Luckily, portable storage is an affordable solution. You have the luxury of storing all your extra belongings on your property for easy access or at a local storage location for added curb appeal.

Extra Space Lets You Envision Your Perfect Floor Plan

The unpacking process can often feel more daunting than packing for a move. You’re unfamiliar with your new space, so you don’t know what will work for you and your family. Adding to the chaos is all your belongings in boxes stacked up against the walls and on top of each other. This makes it next to impossible to envision a useable floor plan.

Investing in portable storage helps ease you through this process. Once you have the keys to your new address, we deliver all your belongings, safely stored, and moved thanks to our tilt-free delivery system. You then have the luxury of slowly unpacking at your own pace, giving you enough time to plan and adjust accordingly.

To optimize your layout plan, we suggest measuring all your big furniture and taping sections off on the floor that represent those items. That way you can walk around and see what fits and what has to move.

Hassle-free Downsizing For Loved Ones

The death of a loved one is something we all experience and if you are going through a tragedy, you have our deepest sympathies. What can make the situation even more overwhelming is when you have to empty their lived-in space.

When you invest in storage for your loved one’s possessions, you may be investing in your mental health. Time is on your side, and you are free to downsize their possessions when you’re ready for it.

Dorm Room Summer Storage

When your post-secondary student goes off to live in a dorm room, they require a whole new set of furniture. This could include a bed, a desk, a mini-fridge, and a dresser just to name a few. Reviewing a student moving checklist before they go off to school will help you prepare for what to expect. Most likely they will need that furniture for four or more years so being prepared will be worth it.

When they come home for the summer so does their furniture. The question is if you’re low on space, where do you store it? When you invest in portable storage, your storage container is delivered to your chosen location where you can store all the extra items on or off your property, depending on the level of accessibility you want.

If your child is graduating and moving back home, tips for cohabitating with your post-grad could help you navigate the transition with ease.

Ease Of Organization For Business Inventory

Filing cabinets full of important documents you have to keep, seasonal merchandise and decorations, and display cases. These all take up precious floor space when you have a brick and mortar establishment. If you are at war with your space and looking for a way to declutter and optimize your floor space renting portable storage may be the solution for you.

Investing in portable storage enables you to store your merchandise and documents in a weatherproof, rodent-proof, clean space on-site for easy access. You can also choose to store your storage container off-site if you do not need the items readily available.

There are many situations where portable storage can become a great investment option. Whether you can use it for a convenient move, for seasonal storage or to help you through difficult situations, it’s a reliable and secure way to gain that extra space and time you may need.

What’s our process?

To get started with your storage solution, give us a call at 519-566-3332. Our team of expert technicians will:

  • Deliver your storage container, giving you all the time you need to pack
  • Pick up the container and transport it to your new location or store it at our facility until you are ready for its delivery
  • We will pick up the empty container when you are done

The Move Out Bin offers their valued Windsor-Essex residential, commercial, and retail customers simplified moving and storage, guaranteed!